Mindspill: November 28th 2015 (I’m Back)

Been a long while since my last update huh? Well, let me come right back at ya with this sweet ass Mind Spill consisting mostly of things I’ve thought of while I was chained up with papers and exams. Let’s begin!

– In the middle of watching Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and I’m having a blast with it, but I gotta say, the cop guy that somehow became a prominent character feels like a discount Steve Rogers. That character and the guy playing him is to Chris Evans as Captain America, what Mega Bloks are to Legos.

– When the hell are we going to get MODOK in one of these Marvel films? Have him star as a villain in something, and while they’re at it, why don’t they cast Jason Statham as Taskmaster too. That’d be sweet.

– I mean, AIM exists in the Marvel Cinematic universe, it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch for them to have them create MODOK in a lab or something. Maybe have him battle Cap and Iron Man at the same time when he breaks free, and just embarrass those fools. If I was in charge of Marvel I’d make him behind the civil war of the next Cap film, but thankfully for everyone, I’m not in charge of Marvel.

– Dr. Phil on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was surprisingly great. You gotta respect a show that draws big celebrities playing themselves, and then actually does something substantial with them.

– In the middle of a Person of Interest rewatch with my brother who is seeing it for the first time, and I just now noticed that this show has a serious Russian issue, or rather, an issue with Russians. They’re all evil in one way or another on this show, often in an over-the-top way. They usually have these thick accents too, and you just know that every actor portraying them is having a blast putting on these goofy accents.

– Speaking of POI, when is that new season coming anyways? I need dates for it ASAP. Bad enough CBS only ordered a 13 episode season… actually, now that I think of it, that actually isn’t all that bad since the show could really use a tighter structure going into the conclusion to its Samaritan arc.

– I was told recently that one bag of buttered popcorn was roughly the equivalent of eating 5 Big Macs in terms of malnutrition. Not sure what to do with myself at this point.

– Not eat Doritos that’s for sure. They’re nauseating. Also, crunchy Cheetos are an abomination. Go puff or go home.

– #SayNoToAliceThroughTheLookingGlass

–  That Smash Bros. DLC really has the internet on edge huh? I’m doing my part by sitting at home and praying that it is King K. Rool that ends up playable so that the numerous Donkey Country Show memes will be applicable to a newer generation.

– Gonna make a VLog about The Good Wife soon, but I’m gonna preemptively express my displeasure of things by saying not even Diane’s numerous giant chain necklaces can take my mind off how irrelevant her character has become.

– Shimotsuki was the best character on Psycho-Pass. Fight me on this. The entire show was incredibly stupid, not a lot of the story made sense, and the rules behind the criminal justice system from which this show revolves around are inconsistent. Against all of this, shining like a beacon of hope and justice, sits inspector Shimotsuki, one of the most hilariously awful human beings in animation. Spineless, duplicitous, arrogant, mean-spirited, and completely without self-awareness, everything about her brings a big wide grin to my face. It’s like the show is telling me to hate this girl, but I honestly can’t. It’s just not possible.

– Falco has a weird looking beak in the upcoming Star Fox game. I wish he didn’t, but it really isn’t that big of a deal in the end. That game will live or die for me based on whether or not I can play as Falco in the multiplayer mode. Also, if Falco is like Slippy/Peppy and constantly needs saving from Fox despite being a better pilot than him I WILL THROW A FIT.

– Star Wars is a film series I know I should care a lot more about, but I can’t seem to bring myself to. I thought the original trilogy was appropriately good, and the prequels were appropriately bad, but I can’t really get too passionate about it. Except when it comes to General Grievous, because his design is truly the coolest thing to come out of the franchise.

– When are we gonna get a Mass Effect game where you can play as a Krogan in single player? When?!

– Scream Queens is nearing the end of its season, which means that we’re going to find out who the final killer is pretty soon, and I think it’s time we really break it down as to who it could be. The show has a ton of issues I’ll probably discuss when it ends, but for now, I think I’m just gonna  go ahead and tell you who I think the killer is.

It’s Pete. It’s gotta be Pete. The other two viable suspects, Chanel #2 (who is presumed dead), and Chanel #5 (who is terrible) are who most people are probably assuming is the killer right now, but I’m gonna go with Pete for a number of reasons. We know the last killer is supposed to be a girl, which is something that should seriously reduce the suspect pool down to very few characters, and since this is the kind of show that’s just cheeky enough to go for that type of surprise, it could just end up being a transgendered man. Pete is one of the only characters without an alibi for any of the Red Devil sightings, he used to be obsessed with Chanel O. prior to the start of the series (and many of his victims were people that have been affecting her life negatively, right down to his first recorded one in Chanel’s first flashback), and the only progress he made anywhere in his “investigation” has been towards implicating people who are very clearly not the killer (Grace’s Dad? Come on). Finally, there’s the fact that the final Red Devil is supposed to be a girl, but none of his accomplices have referred to him by any gender pronoun after we learned of this fact. In fact, it feels like the writers have been very careful to make sure we don’t know for sure even when it should technically be OK to refer to him as a “she” right now. There’s obviously more at play here. I know I’m making a pretty big leap here, but this is the only twist that makes sense to me.

– Gonna end by saying American Dad has some pretty damn good songs. I mean, like, really, really, great music that you wouldn’t expect from such a dumb show. Has anyone listened to Bad Boy? That crap is revelatory.

Quote of the Day:

“You think you’re pretty tough, no? U.S. Devil dogs. Run around, kill Iraqis, kill Afghans, Somalis. You know who you don’t kill? Russians.”

– Random evil Russian guy, Person of Interest.

2 thoughts on “Mindspill: November 28th 2015 (I’m Back)

  1. Hey Kenny 🙂

    I have to admit that this blog is pretty good. The format works very well. If you ever do a vlog again you should consider a format like this or maybe even try making this very blog into a vlog. You could have images appear on the video showing falcos beak in older games compared to newer ones and stuff. Also Russians are evil in a over the top way by nature. Who else but the world’s biggest asshole would run over cheese with a bulldozer while his poorer people starve.

    Bye Kenny 🙂


    1. That’s actually a good suggestion on the video stuff. I need to get more ambitious with my VLogs honestly, the lack of things resembling your suggestions comes from laziness.


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