Anatomy of a Joke: Nathaniel’s Disgusting Accident


The calm before the storm…

It’s been over two years since I’ve last written one of these joke analyses, but the… enormity of this one really grabbed my attention. Unlike the last joke where I discussed it in largely positive terms, I want to analyze how a joke can actually hurt a show. Because with this bit of comedy, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend basically ruined a main character within a single scene. Let me break it down.

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Top Eight Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Songs

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of those rare shows where you actually feel like you take how good it is for granted. On top of being a genuinely great comedy-drama, it produces 2-3 original songs each episode as a bonus. They flow into the episode’s stories, they’re usually quite catchy, and always funny as hell. The dream of a comedy-musical as a TV series that so many of us had after watching “Once More With Feeling” on Buffy is here, and it’s beautiful. To honour it, and its upcoming second season (premiering this October), I’d like to list my eight favourite songs so far.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the Problem With Bad TV Parents

The CW, home of both iZombie and Jane the Virgin, is proceeding with its mission to slowly take over my life with its great shows by introducing me to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a charming comedy that deconstructs and analyzes the offensive stereotype that serves as its namesake. It’s solidly written and acted, but best of all, it’s also a musical and the songs are consistently great. I really do enjoy this show, which is why it’s a little sad and a little strange that my first article discussing it will amount to a criticism. The criticism is targeted towards its latest episode, “My Mom, Greg’s Mom and Josh’s Sweet Dance Moves!”, and how it dealt with the subject of parenthood and how it continues what I find to be a problematic trend in television and movies. I don’t know if this counts as a revelation to those readings, but there is such a thing as bad parenting that goes beyond domestic violence, something the media tends to completely overlook because hey, love exists.

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