Top Ten TV Episodes of 2015

Here to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a list of my favourite episodes of TV of 2015. It was tough to narrow down my absolute favourites, and there’s certainly some fantastic episodes that deserve to be on this list, but this is the list that ended up feeling right. Please note that this list is ordered by date of broadcast and nothing more.

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My Spoilerific Thoughts on The Force Awakens and its Characters

Finally got to see The Force Awakens, and I really enjoyed it. From the moment Jar Jar Binks unhoods himself to reveal a grizzled face and says “Meesa back” while looking directly at the camera, I knew I was in for a great time… Joking aside, this was a film that really wanted to let me know I was in good hands from the start. It was well-acted, had fun action sequences, and best of all, it had energy to it. The people in this film actually looked like they were having fun, and the series’ hugely missed banter is back with a vengeance. The biggest strength to this movie is what has always been Star Wars‘s greatest asset, and that’s in the characters and the connections they have with each other. The new characters in this film are all well realized and completely distinct in the face of other things that have appeared before in the franchise (although the same can’t be said about the film’s plot). My belief before watching it was that if they could just nail the characters, the rest would be gravy, and thankfully the film did that and more.

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Star Wars Retrospective: From Revenge of the Sith to Return of the Jedi

So The Force Awakens came out and it basically took over the world, so everyone who writes on the internet basically has to discuss it. I do wanna talk about it eventually, but first I think I need to go over my thoughts on the other Star Wars films, minus episodes I and II, because no thanks. Having recently rewatched these films on the road to seeing The Force Awakens they’re still fresh in my head, so the time to search my feelings on them is now.

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Mind Spill December 20th 2015: Street Fighter Edition

With this edition of Mind Spill (and the next one to come) I’m going to be focusing on fighting games primarily because a lot of news happened for both Street Fighter V and Super Smash Bros. Some of the news was good, some of it bad, a lot of it I still don’t know what to make of, but today though, I’ll be focusing mainly on Street Fighter.

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The Good and The Bad of the Scream Queens Finale

*This article contains massive spoilers

It’s been a while now since this show ended and I’d still like to get my thoughts about it out there. When I last wrote about Scream Queens, I expressed mixed feelings about the show as a whole, and I really haven’t budged from that stance. Like all Ryan Murphy shows, there are elements of brilliance and crap mixed in with this series, and thankfully since it’s so young, it hasn’t allowed the crap to overwhelm the rest of it yet. It’s still up in the air if this show is going to get another season, and I honestly hope it does because – Surprise! – I actually loved the finale. Believe me, I totally realize it had some pretty significant problems, but there were some elements in it that worked well enough for me to overlook the bad. But first though, let’s get the bad out of the way.

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Top 5 Kilgrave Moments

Recently finished Marvel’s Jessica Jones, a series that can be best described as a stylish neo-noire with a compelling hero and an even better villain. Played by David Tennant, Kilgrave is without question the greatest villain in the Marvel Cinematic universe. He doesn’t want to control the world, or the city, or even a small building, his sights are laser focused on one Jessica Jones, and with the horrifying power of mind control (taken to its logical extreme in the show), this threat proves to be more engaging to the audience than anything Marvel has thrown at a hero before. To honour him, here are 5 of Kilgrave’s greatest moments from the series.


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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the Problem With Bad TV Parents

The CW, home of both iZombie and Jane the Virgin, is proceeding with its mission to slowly take over my life with its great shows by introducing me to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a charming comedy that deconstructs and analyzes the offensive stereotype that serves as its namesake. It’s solidly written and acted, but best of all, it’s also a musical and the songs are consistently great. I really do enjoy this show, which is why it’s a little sad and a little strange that my first article discussing it will amount to a criticism. The criticism is targeted towards its latest episode, “My Mom, Greg’s Mom and Josh’s Sweet Dance Moves!”, and how it dealt with the subject of parenthood and how it continues what I find to be a problematic trend in television and movies. I don’t know if this counts as a revelation to those readings, but there is such a thing as bad parenting that goes beyond domestic violence, something the media tends to completely overlook because hey, love exists.

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