So How About That Persona 5 Trailer?

When you see a trailer to the next installment of a beloved franchise, you always have to go in with the expectation that whoever is making that trailer has no idea what they’re doing. That right there is a really depressing sentiment, but I feel that it has become justified. These days, trailers really, really don’t get it. They either show way too much and ruin the plot, or they show next to nothing at all and end up failing to do the only thing a trailer should be doing in the first place. It’s about the excitement, it’s about building hype and keeping just enough mystery to leave you wanting more. A trailer should bring up just as many questions as answers, but not so many questions that you feel like you just stared at a big question mark for the past two minutes by the end. If you need an example of a good trailer, check out this Persona 5 one.

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Troy Baker’s Nightmare: A Voice Actor Shortstory

Disclaimer: If you don’t know anything about voice acting and Troy Baker in particular, you probably won’t enjoy this short story to the full extent that it can be enjoyed. All the context you need to have is that Troy Baker was a small time voice actor who hit it big and does less roles for obscure projects.

Troy Baker lies in his bed but he can’t sleep. Or he doesn’t want to. He’s not sure yet. All he knows is that he came home after recording lines for the protagonist of the latest Call of Duty game, and that means that sleeping will be hell. He did voices for the new Call of Duty game, so that means he is going to pay him a visit again. He does not question it, he just knows that it is a natural consequence of his actions of the day, just as it is a natural consequence for his body to seek rest. He hates the lack of control, he wishes he could either stop getting visits from him all together and just sleep, or that he could somehow will his body to not sleep at all. He chuckles to himself, remembering a character he once played with a similar dilemma, but he steels himself; determined not to succumb to his tiredness. But it’s no use, and without even realizing when or how, Troy Baker closes his eyes and goes to sleep.

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