Person of Interest Recurring Tropes

While I discussed Person of Interest and tropes before in a more serious context, I originally announced my interest in the show on this blog through a post that poked fun at a lot of the goofy cliches that cropped up frequently in the show’s earlier seasons. Since the show is ending soon I thought it would be cool to talk about all the series’ own tropes and recurring elements on this blog. Some of them I wouldn’t trade for the world, others I could do without, all are funny in their own ways.

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Why Person of Interest Needs to Continue Being the Gutsiest Show on Television

While I’ve sung my praises for The Good Wife in another article on this site, there is one other network drama that I would consider to be on par with prestige cable dramas and head and shoulders above its network competition. That show would be Person of Interest (which I’ve talked about a bit before when I started it). This show turned what could have easily been a long running and cheesy procedural drama with sci-fi and serialized elements into what can be considered a television science fiction epic. It has honestly gotten that good as of late, and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon. While I’m delighted that this show has improved as much as it did, I also have a nagging fear that perhaps the writers will cave into the demands of a certain type of fan. You see, there is a significant amount of viewers out there who just want Person of Interest to never try and be anything that’s ambitious and just stick to the “Case of the Week” structure. They want a show where Finch and Reese go through the same routine case after case, week after week, season after season, until eventually the show is 12 seasons old with 4 different spin-offs distinguished only by the different cities that get added to the end of their titles. Person of Interest: MiamiPerson of Interest: LAPerson of Interest cross-overs between the original show and Person of Interest: SVU (where a team goes out to stop sex crimes before they happen). The scariest thing about these demands though would be how easy it would be to meet them, to just give up and release regurgitated trash in place of interesting and unique content. This show peaked in ratings during the times where it was more of a procedural than a serialized drama, and now that it has shifted in the opposite direction the show has taken a hit in viewership. This is so depressing because the show is now better than it’s ever been.

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Things of Interest on Person of Interest

Watching Person of Interest has been an… interesting experience (pun obviously intentional, but also made with pride). This show, like The Good Wife is a hybrid of a procedural and serialized drama. To make a long story short, our heroes (the hyper intelligent Harold Finch and the highly skilled John Reese) receive tips on “people of interest” who are about to be involved in a violent crime, and then go to stop it. Along the way they have to balance fighting various criminal organizations and evading the law since what they are doing isn’t strictly legal. It’s fun, it’s action packed, and it comes with a whole slew of fun elements to point out. I’m only 2 seasons into the show, and after a shaky first season, it has picked up considerably. This is probably going to be closer to a traditional blog post than most things I’ve got on here so here goes. Here are random tidbits of interest on this show. There’s plenty of good things, dumb things, and hilarious things abound so get ready.

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