My Spoilerific Thoughts on The Force Awakens and its Characters

Finally got to see The Force Awakens, and I really enjoyed it. From the moment Jar Jar Binks unhoods himself to reveal a grizzled face and says “Meesa back” while looking directly at the camera, I knew I was in for a great time… Joking aside, this was a film that really wanted to let me know I was in good hands from the start. It was well-acted, had fun action sequences, and best of all, it had energy to it. The people in this film actually looked like they were having fun, and the series’ hugely missed banter is back with a vengeance. The biggest strength to this movie is what has always been Star Wars‘s greatest asset, and that’s in the characters and the connections they have with each other. The new characters in this film are all well realized and completely distinct in the face of other things that have appeared before in the franchise (although the same can’t be said about the film’s plot). My belief before watching it was that if they could just nail the characters, the rest would be gravy, and thankfully the film did that and more.

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Star Wars Retrospective: From Revenge of the Sith to Return of the Jedi

So The Force Awakens came out and it basically took over the world, so everyone who writes on the internet basically has to discuss it. I do wanna talk about it eventually, but first I think I need to go over my thoughts on the other Star Wars films, minus episodes I and II, because no thanks. Having recently rewatched these films on the road to seeing The Force Awakens they’re still fresh in my head, so the time to search my feelings on them is now.

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