It begins…

Hopefully the start of a very long journey has begun. If you know me, you’d be aware that I am bursting with thoughts and opinions to share, and today, I’ve finally created an outlet for them. The more I think about it, the more natural this all seems to me; that I would find myself here beginning my very own blog. I have a wide range of interest on trivial things, I spend way too much time thinking about them, and I’m just narcissistic enough to feel the need to express these thoughts to everyone. Now this blog… is not for the faint of heart. I will be delving into minute details about even the most precise of things. Be prepared to read a blog post down the road about the state of “X character’s” facial hair on a specific episode of some TV show. This is not to say this blog won’t be dealing with important and contemporary issues; yes, I’ll also be discussing relevant and timely things like why Ross’ attempting to hook-up with his cousin is the funniest scene in all of Friends even now.

If you’re all on board, strap in because you’re in for an interesting ride, and if not well, I’d imagine you will be living a life that is ever so slightly less fulfilling than it would have been otherwise. I’m going to go ahead and just assume everyone who chooses not to religiously follow this blog will be regretting that decision on their deathbeds. Their last thoughts will be something along the lines of “what WAS Kenny’s favourite episode of Spongebob…”. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find out in your next life.

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