That Shaman King Intro Though…

Too busy with finals and exams to give a proper update this week, but I can’t leave you all hanging can I? (Right now I’m imagining thousands of boys in girls at their computers constantly refreshing this site’s home page waiting for updates) This here is the intro to the English dub of the anime Shaman King. I don’t remember if the show was good, I don’t remember if the dub was well acted, and I sure as hell have no interest in exploring that now. What I do know is that as a kid, listening to this got me pumped up more than anything else that was on the air. The starting riff, the pitch perfect “kid show epic” lyrics, the colourful visuals… everything just comes together so perfectly. This song will change your life every time you see it, and it ages like a fine wine. It is my gift to anyone lucky enough to be reading this, so enjoy.

Disclaimer: I was also a huge fan of the One Piece rap intro despite disliking One Piece itself, so make of that what you will.

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