Mind Spill: The Good Wife Edition

The much beloved CBS drama The Good Wife ended yesterday, so I’ve decided to dedicate a brand new mind spill to this once great series. A lot has happened throughout the show, a lot happened in the finale, and now is the time to get some stuff off my chest to address them both.

– What the heck was the deal with Wendy Scott-Carr going after Will Gardner, and then confronting him on a basketball court saying that she was only going after him to get to Peter Florrick, only for the series to move on and act like that scene never existed.

– I like to imagine an alternate universe where Alicia and Kalinda became friends again in season 4, and the show was way better for it like I suspect it would have been.

– Anyone else remember Kalinda’s girlfriends? Remember how lame they were?

– Remember that Irish dude that swaggered onto the series being super aggressive and then disappearing into a wormhole like so many of the show’s reoccurring cast seems to go into?

– Mike Tascioni was like a parody of what a lame character on a CBS drama is like, only he was bizarrely sincere.

– Michael Colter was really cool as Lemont Bishop.

– Remember when Kalinda had to babysit Bishop’s son for several episodes? Ya, she was that hard-up for story-lines after so long without a connection to Alicia.

– Jason was not as cool as the show thought he was. First half of the season he was negotiating prices for his investigative services with Alicia all the time, and the next half was spent with him negotiating the terms of his god damn relationship with her. Holy crap was this dude empty.

– Speaking of empty, anyone remember Lucca Quinn? Obviously, anyone who just finished the show does right now, but in ten years no one will remember this husk. If you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine you’ll notice that the character of Charles Boyle aggressively ships the protagonist with another mutual friend, Lucca Quinn’s character on this show is basically that and only that. What’s worse is she was the one to hold Alicia during her breakdown this season, which just makes me think of how amazing that scene would have been if Kalinda was there instead of this shell they got in her place.

– Cary Agos’ ghost was reincarnated into a legal lecturer in the final episode with what I imagine to be no memory of his past life. I could be wrong, but either way, there would be no difference because everything that happened before ended up not mattering.

– David Lee made no appearance in the finale.

– Peter and Alicia had more sex scenes than any other pairing on the show… something that is just now dawning on me as I am now realizing the show wanted us to like Peter a lot more than I think viewers ended up doing so.

– Connor Fox is somehow the most ridiculous name that any character had on the show to me. It’s definitely plausible, I buy it and all, there are people in real life who definitely have that name… but I don’t know. Something about seeing that teacher from Glee with a beard named Connor Fox just weirds me out.

– Diane Lockhart got absolutely brutalized in that finale. Kudos to the writing team for making Diane’s marriage relevant again in the final stretch just to absolutely mangle it.

– It has been interesting watching disheartened feminists post their thoughts on the finale. This is a show that had a strong draw among women who wanted to see other women be empowered, but to see the fates of the strongest women on this show shattering their perception of the series was something to behold.  You have to wonder what was going through the writers’ heads to have both Alicia and Diane completely destroyed in the finale, and all due to the men in their lives. Patriarchy wins?

– Seriously though, for the sake of Peter, Alicia blew up her career by crossing Diane, her political future, her friendships, and her romantic life. She wanted it all and got nothing.

– This show completely dragged Gary Cole through the mud too, with his character not only turning out to be a philandering liar, but also one that does favours for his mistresses from right under his wife’s nose. Diane may be fine career-wise, but her self-esteem and emotional state has been destroyed beyond repair, not to mention her marriage.

– This show was obsessed with the idea of “going” full circle. Right down to the way episode titles were written. Season 1 had one word titles, season 2 had two word titles, and so on until season 4, which from there had seasons with one less word in each episode title until finally with season 7 having one word titles once again.

– The show was a little on the nose with the full circle stuff on screen as well, with Alicia and Peter going through what felt like a thousand variations of their press conference in the first episode throughout the series’ run.

– Finale would have been a lot better if it made more of an effort to depict Alicia’s degradation from a “Good Wife” into a blood thirsty lawyer. It seemed way too eager to put us on her side, only for them to pull the rug right from under us in the end.

– Breaking Bad of all shows had a more upbeat ending than this one did.

– Will Gardner loves to say the word “okay” a lot. I’m glad ghost Will in the finale got to say it one more time for old time’s sake.

– Remember how Nathan Lane was on this show?

– Remember how Taye Diggs was on this show?

– Remember how a character named Robyn was on this show?

– I kinda got sick of Louis Canning by the end of the series.

– Howard Lymon wasn’t as funny as the show thought he was.

– Eli was all over the place this season and did basically nothing in the finale. Whatever.

– This Mind Spill basically contains a lot of bitching by me, but please know that this show still means a lot to me and that I loved it for five of its seven seasons. That’s the same ratio of seasons I loved Buffy, so that’s really not so bad after all.

Gif of the Day (and also my thoughts on this show in general):

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