Mind Spill: August 27th 2017


It’s been a while since I’ve last done one of these, but it’s about time I start writing about some of the things on my mind these days. These Mind Spill articles, much like the current US government, is an assortment of losers in a way. They’re different ideas and thought trains that I think are interesting, but not quite so interesting that they deserve to be developed further into their own article. So here are some things I’ve been thinking about that you now know I believe aren’t worthy of more than a few seconds of your time.

– Recently watched all of Game of Thrones. I feel like Bran in that I just downloaded all of a world’s history into my skull and my personality has suffered severely for it. Seriously, I just won’t shut up about this show with anyone I come in contact with, and with the finale airing tonight, expect me to be extra annoying on this website too, with the barrage of Game of Thrones articles that will be coming at you. Be thankful that you can’t hear my Littlefinger (the most Game of Thrones character on Game of Thrones) impression, then you’d be really annoyed.


Littlefinger doing his thing… being a creep.

– Just saw the ESPN documentary, OJ: Made in America, and it has thoroughly convinced me that the story of OJ Simpson is the story of America. Everything from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, from Hurricane Katrina to Kim Kardashian, from Ferguson to Charlottesville; basically all of it was heralded by the O.J. Simpson trial. It was just this massive confluence of culture and politics that foreshadowed the divisive tribalism in the American consciousness today. Also, the man in question was deeply interesting and every bit as fascinating as the fallen heroes and tragic protagonists of our most famous stories.

– I love Rick and Morty on a level where I can appreciate the humour and craftsmanship of a lot of the jokes and storylines, but I also love it on the level of Justin Roiland making funny noises as Rick or Morty. My favourite gag from season 2 was literally just Rick’s repeated declarations that he was “Tiny Rick” after he aged himself down. For weeks after that episode aired, I would randomly tell my brothers “I’m TINY Kenny” with no prompting. Guess what my favourite gag was in the episode where he turned himself into a pickle?


– I’m so sick of that disloyal man meme already. I know I was just touting my tolerance for repetitive gags, but jeez, enough is enough. That meme has to die sooner rather than later right?

– I’m noticing a troubling trend in iZombie where it feels like every second character in its serialized plotline is a god damned sociopath. That little kid over there? Sociopath. That political aide that seems reasonable? Sociopath. Those soldiers that seemed friendly enough a few seconds ago? SOCIOPATH. It feels like in order to accept a lot of the things that have happened on the show lately, we need to believe that a character has a social disorder that prevents human empathy. Humans, zombies, everyone… all the characters are monsters now.

Liv Dancing

I think it’s weird that Liv is the better dancer of these 2. Yes, I know that’s kinda racist.

– Why isn’t Nintendo making more Wario games? No Wario games on the Switch, no Wario games on the 3DS, no Wario games anywhere. No Wario Ware, no Wario Land, no Wario anything. Nintendo is boxing Wario out, and I don’t like it.

– Look, that Taylor Swift song was mediocre alright. That chorus kills the whole thing, and it was petty in a bad way. She’s clinging so tightly to that victim image, when that album should have been her embracing the fact that she’s a villain. She knows it, and the public knows it too thanks to Kim Kardashian. Embracing the snake image was a good move, and that “Taylor can’t come to the phone bit” was hilariously campy, but the rest of it just wasn’t good. Taylor keeps trying to be a Stark, when we all know she’s a Lannister.

– That new Netflix Death Note movie is 100% going to be a cult classic some day. Mark my words.

– I completely checked out of the Marvel TV cinematic universe. Luke Cage didn’t grab me, Daredevil season 2 disappointed me, I heard Ironfist was garbage (which learned first hand when I tried and failed to get into), and Defenders focuses on all the things I hate about Daredevil and Iron Fist (the Hand storyline sucks). At this point I’m just holding out hope for Punisher and Jessica Jones season 2 to get me back in, but until then, no thanks.

Kilgrave review

My comprehensive criticism on Ironfist.

– I played Injustice 2‘s story mode a few months back and I gotta say it was 100% by the numbers. Besides the Superman ending, nothing really surprising happened plot-wise. The use of the villains was also depressingly basic. It’s your standard ‘greater threat arrives so former enemies have to put aside their differences to stop it’ story that I’ve seen a million times. It also had that unfortunate trend in NRS fighting games where a squad of characters would exist solely for the heroes to beat up. In this game, it was Grodd’s Society, which is disappointing because they had so much potential. The production values have improved tremendously (the level of sophistication behind the facial models and motion capture are unprecedented), but the plotting remains painfully average. Characters have cool dialogue, but the story never really flows together to make anything memorable. Also, I know the Joker is dead in this universe, but they could have at least given us a cool flashback chapter with him in this game.

– To close things off I must implore you, for the love of God, watch The Good Place season 2. I am not going to say anything more on the subject, just watch it people! Also it’s on Netflix now, so you might want to watch it there first.

Tahani Taylor Kanye

The show features a cast of my favourite kind of character: Awful, pretentious people that don’t realize how much they suck.

Quote of the Day:

“Always keep your foes confused. If they don’t know who you are or what you want, they can’t know what you plan to do next.”

Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish giving a hilariously specious piece of advice to the teenager he’s creeping on in Game of Thrones.

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